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FAQ for Training’s


I’m an RN. Beyond your class what else would be required me before I would become a practicing Nurse Injector?

Under Oklahoma State law, anyone is able to inject but you must practice under a licensed medical director and obtain malpractice insurance to do so. Attending our injectable training courses and completing the certifications will allow you to inject patients using safe techniques and educate you on the uses of injectables both on and off label. If you are not located in Oklahoma, it is your responsibility to check your state law first and please be aware that state laws can change at any time and it is very important that you keep up to date on those changes.

Upon completion of course, what would I be qualified to perform?


Do you already have to be trained in giving Botox to attend this course?

Nope. Anyone is welcome to attend!

Since these are lecture classes, do you offer hands-on classes?

Yes. Click here for private training courses.

Do I need to take the lecture course before skill class?


What is the difference between level 1 or level 2 classes?

On label and off label use. (meaning….ask Belinda if there is something I can add to that)

Is this for beginners or advanced injectors? 

There are two days of training. The first day is over on label use which tends to be for beginners and day two is focused on safe off-label use which tends to be for more experienced injectors.

I can’t make it to this training. When’s the next one?

Although we don’t currently have any other training’s on the books, we will in the future. Be sure and follow our Facebook page or send us an email with your email address & we’ll be sure to contact you as soon as other dates become available.

What is your refund policy just in case something comes up and I can’t make it?