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Emerge Medical & Well Spa: Why We Love Bellafill for Acne Scars

Written By: Belinda Stewart

Emerge Medical & Well Spa Bellafill to erase acne scars In my professional experience at Emerge Medical & Well Spa, I have seen so many people who suffer from acne scars created while they were adolescents or even as adults while we become experts at our own extractions. Both can lead to devastating scarring and hyperpigmentation. Most acne scar treatments aim to either remove or replace abnormal tissue and stimulate new collagen formation to fill in old scars. There are several different acne scar removal treatments available at Emerge Medical & Well Spa, and acne scars come in three main types (rolling, boxcar, icepick and combinations of the three). Rolling scars are like broad, low hills, while boxcar scars have a thick, hard center, often white, that pulls down. Icepick scars are very narrow and deep. These are all “atrophic” scars meaning there is an overall loss of skin. Due to the variety of the acne scar types, a combined approach is often needed for optimal results, especially for those deeper and older scars.

Bellafill is a real solution and amazing approach for acne scars offered at Emerge Medical & Well Spa. It is also FDA approved for the correction of moderate to severe, atrophic facial acne scars. This filler offers a great treatment choice that is proven to be safe, effective, and long lasting with minimal to no downtime. It is an excellent option for rolling scars and can be used in combination with other acne scar treatments to provide the best results. In fact, over 90% of patients in clinical trials were satisfied with results 12 months after treatment. We have personally seen amazing satisfaction with clients who have opted for this treatment.


Bellafill® is a polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) collagen filler that works in two ways. The filler provides immediate volume below pitted acne scars to lift them to the level of the surrounding skin. The PMMA microspheres also create a supports system that allows your body’s own collagen production. Who doesn’t like immediate results?

Bellafill® can be used alone or in combination with other treatments for acne scarring. Depending on the severity of your scarring, we may suggest laser treatments including MicroLaser Peel Repair and CO2 laser resurfacing as well as a series of chemical peels. We also personally love the SkinMedical Peels for our Emerge Medical & Well Spa clients.

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