A Note From A Nurse on injectables

Written By: Belinda Stewart

As a Nurse Injector for the last 9 years, I often get asked which filler is the best for me. In my attempt to not name specific brands, I personally choose the one that is the easiest to work with, lasting, forgiving, and made specifically for the area I want to treat. There are some that last 6 months as well as a few that claim up to five years. I would really try to dissuade a first time person from choosing the five year filler because what if you just don’t like it. These fillers are somewhat permanent and hard to remove. I would suggest for beginners to start with one that is hyaluaric acid. These are very forgiving and easy to dissolve if you are uncomfortable with your new look. So don’t be afraid. We have the perfect filler for lips, cheek bones, smile lines, and last but not least, those supper unfriendly dark circles under the eyes!

These days, it is hard to miss the newest episode of Housewives of your “own” County. It becomes confusing on what is natural and what looks let’s say unfamiliar. In our quest to look younger, radiant, rested, etc… It is important to find the right injector who will listen to your goals and not what their artist view of a natural face looks like. Ask lots of questions, when and where have they been trained and has it been recently. Fillers have come a long way in the last few years and boy has it been more fun than ever. When in the right hands, your goals can be met realistically.

Girl! That lady went way too far! Look her lips! I have never seen that much cheekbone, even when I visited the San Diego Zoo! Are you finding yourself saying the same thing in your head? Fillers do not have to be this drastic. More often than not, I find these specific clients in my practice when they are chasing the fill. The face is not completely symmetric or completely without lines. Even babies have nasolabial folds! When it is hard for someone to look at the overall improvement of their face, and focus on the one or two “imperfections”, it is easy to want more, more, and even MORE! Be careful, and don’t let that look become your new look. Not unless you want it too.

At Emerge, we are dedicated to meeting our clients needs and we take the time to listen, but we also know the importance of giving you our professional advice. After all, what was good for your friend may not be good for you and the look you’re desiring. We happily offer complimentary consultations and would love to meet with you and help you anyway we can! 918.392.8606

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